Hall's Jewel Tea "Teacup & Yellow Rose" Still Life Oil Painting 5"x7" canvas panel. A work in progress no longer..... DONE! Not for sale at present.


Rose just beginning to "breathe." Now the detail work will continue on the background / saucer / cup / rose / tones, values & hues adjusted.

Still establishing shadows & color blocking in preparation for detailed work ahead. As this little painting nears completion, I am anxiously looking forward to bringing the rose to life. There's lots more to be done!

I paint directly over my sketch.... the real fun begins now.

Third Session: After third turp/wash (this time Burnt Umber) I wipe the canvas very lightly with a kimwipe to remove just a little paint from the highest points of the cloth. Then I lightly apply payne's gray straight from the tube to establish the shadows. The background is ready for detail but after drying.... so now I move on to the teacup & saucer / rose.

Second Session: Closeup of the actual porcelain tile of the countertop in my reference image for this painting. See how using turpentine washes in layers (letting each completely dry before applying another) utilizes the canvas to develop a stipple pattern needed to duplicate the tile. Here I have only added two washes thus far (payne's gray + burnt umber) and will continue until satisfied w/results.

This charming deep yellow flower is "Graham Thomas" English Rose. The teacup & saucer are in an antique china pattern called "Autumn Leaf" by Hall.

Working from a photo I have taken....
First Session: I did a quick placement (I call a dot'n dash) then using these reference points sketched the flower, cup & saucer followed by color blocking an underpainting. A quick turp wash of the background and this little painting begins. In the next painting session I will complete the background before proceeding on the subjects.
Carolyn Hietala