Moth Pupa Oil Painting (step by step progression) Painting-SOLD 100% proceeds to benefit ARK (Area Rehabbers Klub) Wildlife Rehabilitation in Virginia

The Catalpa Sphinx Moth Pupa
that inspired this small painting..... shown cradled by a paper towel so as to not roll off the palette while I'm painting! I would have appreciated that it had stayed still though ;0)
(don't forget to click on images to enlarge)

After final color adjustments, detail & glazing applications, highlights, varnishing......
Detailed commentary about this painting's progression can be found in my Nature Art blog: It was painted last year and I thought it might be nice to have the step-by-step included in this blog..... so here it is.
This work was painted from real life subjects (right down to the smallest gravel and moss) that I gathered from my property..... each rested on my easel as I painted.
Now go and compose your own "little gem" oil painting ;0) Enjoy!
Carolyn Hietala


Blogger Marilyn M. King said...

This is such a little jewel of a painting. It is so well designed and such a successful piece! Truly lovely.

Marilyn King

12:29 AM  

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