Oil painting of my cat Charlie sleeping on those vintage feather down pillows. Counting sheep again! At least he's not stealing paint brushes.

This is No.3 Vintage Feather Pillow..... still in the process of completion but nearly done. It will be available for purchase in a few days. I began with a turpentine/oil wash in Ultramarine Blue to sketch the pillows and place the cat. With sporatic spot tracing on the cat I established in key areas the direction of the hairs. This is my Charlie and I want it perfect! Of course I have to paint all those little hairs on...... and not to mention those pillow stripes.

Since this is being painted in layers where each one must dry before another is applied.....I work on other paintings in the interim. Glazing with thin washes allows the texture of the canvas to reveal an extremely realistic cloth pattern on the pillows. Now I will paint Charlie while the pillows dry in preparation for their next layer and post an update soon.

This is on a 5"x7" canvas panel. You can see a photograph of Charlie on my Lifeoncanvas Blog. Carolyn Hietala


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