Painting Daily Oil Sketch #2 Damselfly 5"x5" stretched canvas. Very detailed. Close inspection of damselflies reveal their intricate construction.

This painting, still a work in progress, was begun a few months ago but I had set it aside to busy and simply forgot about it. Oops. I intend it to be very accurate to the photograph my daughter took of this little insect. It actually landed on her arm during the photo session.

I began with a careful drawing using a turp/oil wash of burnt sienna, a really tiny brush and a steady hand of course. No second cup of coffee ;0) I then proceeded layering thin color washs to establish an underpainting on which to build.

At first glance, one would not notice all the amazing work Mother Nature did on this little insect.....not to mention its brilliant colors. The wings alone are a work of art and I am sure they will be interesting to paint. The Damselfly is a close relative of the Dragonfly and of course...... a favorite meal of Trout ;0)

Congratulations to Mother Nature! Thanks to my daughter for providing me with a beautiful reference photo!

Carolyn Hietala


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